Playbook Optimization

Looking for best practices around account-based marketing during COVID? Check out the below for our best tips…

Corona fixes to your Drift Instances! We are all working from home… These are changes you need to make to your Drift instance this week. Super important!

There are some advantages and disadvantages as it pertains to demand gen. There are fixes you’ll need to make to handle ABM since folks are not on their company IP.

We also are sharing some openers that are very engaging in relation to Corona that you should put on your Drift bots.

Why is Drift more important than ever during this time?

  • Your customer is online…all the time now
  • Folks are in a home environment (multitasking, willing to digest content)
  • Demand gen is more important than ever in the middle of economic turmoil (cost-cutting, Marketing ROI hurdle rates increasing making it more challenging than ever)

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