Amazon Alexa Feature – Conversational Selling Tips: A Pro’s Perspective

Our co-founder, Eliav, Cohen, was featured in an exclusive Amazon Alexa blog this week – Conversational Selling: The new way to boost sales. Check out a teaser below.

Conversational Selling Tips: A Pro’s Perspective

Eliav Cohen, founder of conversational marketing agency The Bot Lab offers some of his key conversational selling tips for businesses to consider.

Set chatbot expectations from the start

There’s nothing worse than running into a chatbot that makes it appear as if it can answer anything. While AI technology has come a long way, chatbots can still be somewhat limited in their responses. Being upfront about a chatbot’s capabilities is key in solidifying a customer or prospect’s trust.

“Many of our enterprise customers have bots that can answer almost any question but still give the option to book a meeting or chat with a live rep with a button,” Cohen says. “It’s also important to let people know if the bot is still learning and that if they don’t get the answer they are looking for, they’ll be routed to chat with a live person.”

Overselling your chatbot’s capabilities is a quick path to frustration for your customer or prospect. If you’re honest and give prospects the option of talking to a real person, they’ll be far more trusting of your brand overall.

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